The following outlines the various services offered by ShipCom. These services may be billed to Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. AAIC billing is available. For more information call our toll free number at 1-800-633-1312.


ShipCom is the United States only 24 hour provider of HF SSB radiotelephone and VHF radiotelephone Ship to Shore voice service. ShipCom stations WLO WCL KLB and KNN are all remotely controlled from Mobile, Alabama where operators are on duty 24 hours per day 7 days per week for radiotelephone Ship to Shore and Shore to Ship calls.

The ShipCom operators can provide vessels with weather information and are always available should an emergency ever arise while you are at sea. Using ShipCom is simple. Simply tune your radio to the appropriate channel as listed on our 
frequencies page. Call one of the ShipCom stations by depressing your microphone and saying WLO WLO WLO this is the M/V MyShip calling on channel 824. The operator will ask you for your position and will optimize the radio circuit before placing your call. For Shore to Ship calls, the calling party should give the operator the name of the vessel and radio callsign. ShipCom will broadcast a list of vessels that we are holding calls for at the top of each hour following the weather broadcast.


ShipCom provides radio email service via HF SSB radio. The ShipCom system supports SITOR, AMTOR, PACTOR and PACTOR II. No special software is needed to access the ShipCom email system. Vessels equipped with GMDSS HF SITOR may send email via the ShipCom system using the SITOR terminal. Crew members on any vessel may setup an account with ShipCom which will allow them to access Internet email via the ship's SITOR system without any charges being incurred by the vessel. Vessels equipped with Pactor and Pactor II modes of transmission enjoy faster throughput and the full ascii character set. The ShipCom email system also offers weather, news and sports information.

To access the ShipCom email system, simply tune your radio to the appropriate frequency as found on the 
frequencies page. For SITOR/AMTOR modes place an ARQ call to 1090 (XVSV). For Pactor modes, call WLO-1. .

Digital Selective Calling(DSC)

ShipCom can provide automated radio TX acknowledgements via your DSC equipment on frequencies 8414.5 and 12577.0. WLO's MMSI  is 003660003.  Send a "Safety Test" and you will get an automatic acknowledgement.


Vessels may send AMVER and OBS messages through WLO/KLB free of charge using the SITOR system or via the Marine Operator. For SITOR use the command AMV+ . For OBS use the command OBS+ . Be sure and end your report with KKKK . To send via the Marine Operator call on one of our voice channels.


ShipCom transmits hourly weather and traffic list on selected ITU HF SSB voice channels. For a schedule of the weather products and broadcast times see the frequencies page. Virtually any weather product is available via ShipCom's HF SITOR / Pactor system on demand. All ShipCom weather products are automatically updated from the National Weather Service. Vessels sending AMVER and OBS messages are entitled to receive free weather products via SITOR. 


Vessels using ShipCom's SITOR or Pactor systems may send text messages to any fax machine world wide. Messages are composed on the ship's SITOR terminal and are sent to any fax machine using the send fax command. While it is possible to send a fax message from Shore to Ship on suitably equipped vessels, ShipCom does not recommend this practice as delivery is usually difficult and the sender is charged for failed delivery attempts.


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